Back to recording studio for chapter II

The Cinelli Brothers are thrilled to announce that the recordings for the second album have started.
It’s an ambitious project involving special recording techniques, or rather, very old ones. Undoubtedly, it will be all live in the studio. Last month Marco was busy trying to find the right microphone for his voice, and he spent a good week testing few models.

All is set up now, the key ‘R’ has been already once or twice!

At the very same time, the cover artwork is also work in progress: fans will be delighted to know that, on the trail of ‘Babe Please Set Your Alarm’, there will be another illustration.

At present, the band is working on some horn section arrangement (yes, there will be horns ladies and gentlemen!) and practicing other instruments than their first one, as there will be some serious instru- swapping. On top of it, Enzo will reunite again with his old friend, the double bass, brushing it up during last days of summer.
Won’t be long till you will hear some more news, so stay tuned!!!

photo by Marissa Charles

photo by Marissa Charles