Marco Cinelli & Danny Del Toro DELTA OVERFLOWIN' (CD)

cinelli del toro delta Overflowin
cinelli del toro delta Overflowin

Marco Cinelli & Danny Del Toro DELTA OVERFLOWIN' (CD)

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OUT 25th October 2019
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Genre: Blues

Type: CD + booklet 8 pages

Track List:

  1. Wastin’ Time No More

  2. I Don’t Know What Makes You Love Me So

  3. Delta Overflowin’

  4. Freight Train

  5. Man Ain’t Nothing

  6. Me Gets So Glad

  7. 3 Hours A Night

  8. Neither Do I

  9. For All My Sins

  10. Why Babe Why

  11. Praise Your Mother

  12. Winter Obstruction Blues

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Well Worth Seeking Out
— John Mitchell, B&R magazine
One of the best records of the year of any style
— Santiago Alcanda RNE
An enormously satisfying album, one that encompasses the realms and the strands of the genre with absolute beauty and sincerity
— Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision
Danny and Marco manage to make us feel the magic of those blues
— Vicente Zumel, La Hora del Blues.

Marco Cinelli, Italian born and bred, meets Danny del Toro, Spanish born and bred, to do something that is 100% Mississippi delta to the bone.

The task they have taken on has encouraged these two internationally acclaimed European bluesmen to focus like a laser on compositions, lyrics and honest delivery

The result is the release of a full-length album that fulfills them artistically and excites blues fans while hitting the mark commercially.

Delta Overflowin’ is a blues record in the deepest and most natural sense. It may contain traces of gospel, ragtime, spirituals and jazz.

It talks about love, life, and of course, the Blues.

Marco Cinelli, who was named best guitar player of year 2018 by Music Republic Magazine, tours unceasingly as lead singer and guitarist with The Cinelli Brothers.

Danny Del Toro, proudly endorses Seydel Harmonicas and is an intensely active as a performer in his own right (Del Toro Blues Band), as well as being a side-man to prominent singers on the modern blues scene (Little G. Weevil, Julian Burdock, Jonn Del Toro).